Liselle and Lisette So-Oabes on “Female Collaborations”


Liselle and Lisette So-Oabes are Award-Winning Bloggers, Travel Enthusiasts, Digital Lifestyle Content Curators/Influencers that have mastered the art of monetizing from our reach.

In this insightful conversation they take us through how they have managed to mix both content creation and their individual businesses. Read and Be Inspired!

Tell us about yourselves

We are Liselle and Lisette So-Oabes (29), born in the capital city of Namibia-Windhoek better known
as the “Twinfluencers”. We are Award-Winning Bloggers, Travel Enthusiasts, Mothers to the most
adorable baby boy and last but not least Digital Lifestyle Content Curators/Influencers that have
mastered the art of monetizing from our reach.

Our entrepreneurial journey started many moons ago and since then till to date we have created
over 55 Jobs. Gods divine faithfulness. At Varsity in 2013 whilst doing brand activations and pursuing
our Honors Degrees in Land and Property Management we registered a company, Twin Tower Group
from which our Real Estate agency company emanated from. Currently, we are employed full time
and have served for over 5 years in the Corporate / Parastatal Sector as Property Specialist in our
different portfolio’s. Today we domicile in two different towns (literally live 2hours apart) and most
of our content is curated over weekends.

Lisette serves as the Property Manager at Local Government Office and Liselle operating as the
Managing Partner at our company and at all our other business ventures ranging from a Private
School in Gobabis, Lodge in Gobabis, Salon in Windhoek, Fashion Boutique in Windhoek and as a
Part-Time Real Estate Lecturer in the evenings.
Additionally, Lisette despite being one the founder of the First Black Owned Private School with over
500 learners in Gobabis, operates as the managing partner at the lodge and advocates for social
emancipation and by serving on numerous committees and boards more specifically led by youth.

Liselle, managing over handful commercial estates and residential units is by far the most
hardworking woman. Being a mom, having a full-time job, being co-partner in businesses, pursuing
her law degree currently is doing nothing but a remarkable job by showing nothing but persistence
in this journey.

What is it like working together as content creators?

Being a content creator is a rewarding experience. We absolutely enjoy the process of coming up
with ideas, planning out our content, and creating something new that we can share with others. We
feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when we publish our work and receive positive feedback
from our audience.
However, being a content creator can also be challenging. Creating high-quality content requires
time, effort, and skill, and most of all costly and it can be difficult to stay motivated and consistent
with producing content over time. In addition, many content creators rely on monetizing their work
through paid endorsements, ad revenue etc. This can add pressure to create content that is not only
high quality but also appealing to a wide audience.

As African women, what are the major challenges you’ve faced in your career?

The biggest obstacle we face as content curators in Africa much less our country is the population’s
low accessibility to the internet. Secondly, it’s financial challenges as creating refined content
requires top-notch equipment, expensive software programs, require premium subscriptions, plans,
props and not forgetting expensive data/Internet (WiFi) costs. Limited networks and mentorship as
Africans often have limited access to professional networks and mentorship opportunities, which
can make it more difficult for us to advance in our careers.

Despite these challenges, many Africans continue to excel in their careers and make significant
contributions to this field. It is important to recognize and address these challenges to support the
professional growth and success of Africans in the workplace.

How did you begin this journey of content creation?

As content creators our journey begun by developing our skills and interests in a particular area
which was photography and videography. This was after being entrusted with a big task by our
Pastor back in 2014 to manage our church Koi International Worship Centre social media team,
whereas It started by creating content as a hobby for personal passion, and as we build a following
and developed our skills, it transitioned into creating content professionally.
We achieved this by producing high-quality content and showing strong work ethic that resonated
with the congregation and audience at large, a renowned franchise owner for an international
health restaurant known as Kauai Health Restaurant witnessed this signed our first Brand
Ambassador endorsement with us. Consistency rewards in numerous ways.

Where did the drive and passion come from?

Simply just being passionate to create something that is visually or aesthetically pleasing, and to tell
compelling stories that resonate with our audience.
Personally, for us it’s a form of self-expression and a way to connect with others who share their
interests or values. It is also be a means of building a community or a platform to promote our
personal brand and businesses. In addition, we find fulfilment in the creative process itself, enjoying
the challenge of coming up with new ideas and bringing them to life through various mediums such
photography and capturing videos.

Has having female mentors played a huge role in your career and how?

Absolutely, Yes. We have a mentor and she has brought out the best in us. Spiritually, Physically,
Financially and Mentally as she has ticked all boxes in our lives and we will forever be grateful.
Mentors provide guidance and support in navigating the unique challenges that you may face a
workplace, such as gender-based discrimination, bias in hiring and promotion decisions, and work-
life balance issues.
Mentors also serve as role models and inspire women to pursue their professional goals with
confidence and determination. They can share their own experiences and offer advice on how to
overcome obstacles and achieve success. In Addition, mentors can help to expand women's
professional networks, connecting them with other professionals in their field and opening up new
opportunities for career growth and advancement.

As young entrepreneurs, what are your takes on the African mentality toward hiring young female content creators to promote businesses?

In many African societies, there is still a cultural bias against hiring young female content creators,
particularly in more conservative or traditional communities. Women may face gender-based
discrimination in the workplace, and may be seen as less capable or valuable than their male
However, there are also many progressive and forward-thinking businesses in Africa that recognize
the value of young female content creators in promoting their brand and connecting with
customers. Young female content creators often bring a fresh perspective and unique creative vision to their work, and can help businesses to reach new audiences and build stronger relationships with
their customers.

In order to overcome any biases or barriers to hiring young female content creators, it is important
for businesses to recognize and address the issues of gender inequality and discrimination in the
workplace. This can include implementing policies and practices that promote diversity and
inclusion, providing training and support to female employees, and actively seeking out and
promoting the work of young female content creators. By embracing and supporting young female
content creators, African businesses can tap into a valuable source of talent and creativity, and help
to promote a more equitable and inclusive society.

What is the best part of working together?

We have complementary skills and strengths, allowing us to collaborate effectively and accomplish
more together than we could’ve individually. Additionally, provide each other with support and
encouragement, helping to motivate each other through challenging times and celebrate our
successes together. Overally, working with a twin can be unique as it allows for a level of
collaboration and connection that is sometimes difficult to achieve with other working

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