10 Reasons Why We Think Yvonne Orji Is Authentic Naija Jollof


Just in case you didn’t know her, (the travesty!), Yvonne Orji is a sweet Nigerian-American actress and comedian famously known for her character as Molly in American TV series ‘Insecure.’ Popular blogger and author, Luvvie Ajayi fondly calls her “Naija Jollof.” And here are ten top reasons why Yvonne is also our own authentic Naija Jollof:

1. She is #TeamProudlyIgbo
A first glance at Yvonne and you can tell that she is proudly Nigerian, proudly Igbo. She’s always quick to make that obvious. Occasionally, she pops up a funny Igbo accent in her conversations. She is a die-hard fan of her roots. Igbo Kwenu!!!
2. Once the beats go up, her feet are ready for expression
Yvonne sure knows how to represent! Talk dancing, talk Yvonne. She is a true Naija babe and not ashamed to show off anywhere. Our favorite recap of Yvonne’s dance steps remains her show of ‘shoki’ in the white house. Yes ‘shoki’, can you beat that?

3. She is a laugher!
We don’t even know if that’s a grammatically correct sentence, but you get the drift abi? When Yvonne laughs, she laughs from her soul, and you want to laugh along with her.

4. Work is one thing, Yvonne is another
No guilty pleasures for Yvonne. She draws thick line between work and her personal life. While a lot of us might be quick to paint a very sexual picture of Molly in our heads, Yvonne is surprisingly the opposite. She is strongly undistracted and we can’t love her enough for that.


5. She came to Slay!
And we are not even playing about this. Yvonne is the ultimate #BlackGirlSlay goals. A complete fashionista, she ALWAYS represents – on and off the red carpet. But as the saying goes: “Naija no dey carry last.”

6. She’s a perfect ‘mixer’

Yvonne is a smartie – and we mean this in all the best ways possible. Sister is making paper from having multiple gigs. She’s an actress, comedian, writer, Wedding Host and probably some other things we are yet to now. Talk about exemplifying the Naija “hustle hard” spirit. #Wehdone Ma!

7. She’s a God-Lover
Fabulous, talented and unashamed to be public about her love for God. This is one of the most incredible things that we love about her. Keep keeping it 100 sister girl!

8. She’s Pretty as Agbalumo
Pretty hurts. But not in Yvonne’s case. Especially not when it comes with ship loads of talent, charisma and that indescribable Naija charisma!


9. She’s a Fighter!
Don’t get deceived by the success story, Yvonne has had her own share of bully and ‘beef’ battle. But the good thing is she fought her way through that to success. How’s that for inspiration?

10. She gives us hope!
There’s a new crop of Nigerian-Americans doing phenomenal and incredible things. Yvonne is right up there with the rest of them, and gives us hope that it is all our dreams are possible. Thank you Yvonne for being the purrrfect Leading Lady!

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