⁠9 Women Making Incredible Impact in Nigeria and Across The World

9 Women Making Incredible Impact in Nigeria and Across The World 

Forget everything you think you know about limitations. Nigerian women are on a mission to rewrite the rulebook! From every corner of the country, they’re shattering barriers and claiming their rightful space in fields once considered out-of-reach.

These aren’t just your average achievers. We’re talking about women who inspire awe with their accomplishments and leave a lasting impact that ripples far beyond Nigeria’s borders.

These nine incredible women even made the cut on the prestigious Leading Ladies Africa 100 Most Inspiring Women List for 2024! We are amazed and inspired by their journeys of determination and their power to create positive change.


1. Nabila Aguele 

Nabila Aguele, a lawyer and public policy expert, champions sustainable development and gender equality through her advocacy for gender-responsive fiscal policies. 

Her governmental roles, including serving as a Special Adviser to the Minister of Finance, reflect her commitment to inclusive economic growth. Nabila’s influence extends to influential boards like Women for Women International and Girl Rising, where she empowers women and advances gender equality. 

Her involvement with TalentX Africa demonstrates her dedication to leveraging technology for empowerment in the filmmaking industry, fostering growth and innovation. 

2. Olori ‘Ivie’ Emiko-Atuwatse 

Olori Ivie Emiko-Atuwatse, affectionately known as the Queen of the Warri Kingdom, is a beacon of social entrepreneurship. She focuses on education and community development. 

Through Abba’s Jewels, she braced women to enact tangible change through outreach programs and scholarships, ensuring access to education for hundreds of children, including those from Nana Model Girls College Warri. 

Her dedication extends to healthcare, with initiatives like the Wuwu Ore outreach, striving to provide essential services to marginalized communities. Olori Ivie’s philanthropic efforts, including The Love Drive, reflect her unwavering commitment to spreading love and support within her community, leaving a lasting impact on those she serves. 


3. Addy Olubamiji 

She is the CEO of D-Tech Centric Ltd, an education and career consulting company located in Ontario, Canada, and Indiana. Through professional training, scholarships, and mentorship opportunities, STEMHub has impacted the lives of thousands. 

She is a distinguished member of the Forbes Coach Council. Her impactful works in Canada earned her the Women of the Year award by DMZ Canada in 2022 and recognition among Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women.

4. Oyinkansola Fawehinmi

 Oyinkansola Fawehinmi is a multifaceted individual, renowned as an award-winning entertainment lawyer, management consultant, and author. Her memoir, “So Far, So Foza,” offers a glimpse into her journey in the entertainment industry, shedding light on issues like ageism and sexism. 

Through her book and advocacy efforts, Oyinkansola has become a prominent voice for women in the industry, sparking important conversations about gender equality.

With her expertise, she has facilitated high-profile synchronization licenses to industry giants like Netflix and Coldplay, while also advocating for stricter copyright laws in the African entertainment sector to protect artists’ creative rights amidst the growing influence of the Afrobeats genre on the global stage.

5. Oluwaseyi Moejoh 

Oluwaseyi Moejoh, the visionary behind U-recycle Initiative Africa, is a passionate advocate for environmental education and climate action. As the co-founder of African Climate Story, she provides a platform for young African climate activists to influence policy change through storytelling. 

Oluwaseyi’s impact transcends borders, with features on global media outlets like CNN and National Geographic, and speaking engagements at prestigious platforms such as the United Nations and One Young World. 

Her commitment to empowering young leaders through initiatives like MULTIPLY YOUR IMPAQT has earned her accolades like The 2022 Diana Award, recognizing her significant contributions to social action and humanitarian work. 


6. Adeola Alli 

She is the Founder of OneHealth NG, Nigeria’s first Mobile  Pharmacy and healthcare platform. In partnership with over 1,000 pharmacies and 200 logistics partners across the country, One Health NG is focused on making healthcare services available, accessible, and affordable through innovative digital solutions.

In 2023, she was listed as one of the esteemed recipients of the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund. Her organization received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support its healthcare solutions.


7. Oluwafunke Adeoye

She founded ‘Hope Behind Bars Africa’, a social impact organization working to close the justice gap in Nigeria using legal aid, evidence-based advocacy, data, and technology. She also launched the ‘The Inside-Out Centre’ early this year to break the cycle of reoffending & recidivism in society. 

Her remarkable recognitions include One Young World Ambassador in 2021, Top 50 Lawyers Changing the World for Better, Commonwealth Scholar in 2023, University of Oxford, 2023 Winner Waislitz Global Citizen Prize, among others. 

Her organization has provided direct support to over 7500 individuals within 5 years. She also co-authored learning resources for pro bono lawyers in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and built ‘Made in Corrections’, Nigeria’s first social enterprise behind bars that uses upskilling to reduce recidivism. 


8. Toyin Kolawole

Toyin Kolawole, as CEO of Iya Foods, leads the charge in introducing innovative African superfoods to global markets. By infusing traditional American dishes with West African flavors, Toyin’s brand not only celebrates cultural heritage but also supports over 10,000 farmers in Nigeria, ensuring fair compensation and sustainable practices. 

Her recent launch of a manufacturing facility in the United States marks a significant milestone for Toyin, as a leading champion in the food industry for diversity and inclusion. 


9. Blessing Abeng 

Blessing Abeng, Co-founder, and Director of Communications at Ingressive for Good. She drives initiatives to empower African youth through training and resources. Her leadership has propelled Ingressive For Good to remarkable growth, with a quarter-million-strong community and thousands placed in jobs. 

Blessing’s accolades, including recognition as a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and UN 100 Most Influential People of African Descent Under 40, attest to her significant impact and influence in shaping the future of African entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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