This is how to run a successful farm and social enterprise

When you see a beauty queen turned farmer and social entrepreneur you know you may need to talk to her extensively. It gets more interesting when this queen doesn’t just employ people on the farm and focus on the administrative work but constantly gets her hands dirty by taking active part in the tilling, planting […]

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“Persist and Collaborate” Entrepreneurial Advice from Chantelle Beukes

“There is never a better day than today to start. Collaboration over Competition. And lastly, you may get a hundred “No’s” but all you need is one ‘Yes’.” Chantelle Beukes is the founder of La Fede in South Africa, creating handcrafted heirloom toys. This ‘Maker’ and Mompreneur started La Fede in November 2014, after her 12 year career […]

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Anike Lawal is solving the problems of mothers one day at a time

“I  believe I have a calling, I believe that Mamalette is an idea that found me and not me necessarily finding it .” – Anike Lawal Wondering what Mamalette is? Well, it is a hub that provides inspiration for women from pre-pregnancy to motherhood. The platform that caters for over 70,000 women was founded by […]

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