Are you struggling to stay in business? Tamala Chirwa’s advice is just what you need

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Starting a business is a big deal but staying in business needs a greater amount of courage and determination. Tamala Chirwa, founder of Women’s Leadership Footprint (Malawi) has some great advice for women. Her advice is especially important for the days you will doubt yourself and want to give up. 

You will need it. 

“Once you have set your purpose to go over the cliff and start your own business, tune out the inner critic that constantly rears its ugly head that you may fail, as this may easily play into the hands of all the naysayers lined up in your way who will tell you that what you intend to do may not work. Put the key business fundamentals in place, pay attention to market factors, learn as you go as you make appropriate adjustments to your offering and just stay focused. Always remember WHY you decided to venture out on your own in the first place, the problem you are solving and the solutions you are offering. In the end, what will matter is your grit, stamina to stay the course of your long-haul entrepreneurial journey – giving up is not an option.” 


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