Modupeola Fadugba is crossing international boundaries with art

A self-taught artist who specializes in painting, drawing, and socially engaged installations, Modupeola Fadugba is the the first African to grace the cover of the issue of Harper Bazaar’s  Art Magazine. We have one word to describe her work – exquisite!

Modupeola gets her inspiration from a lifetime of experiences comparing the developed West, where she grew up, with developing countries like Togo and Nigeria, where she is from. Her work explores themes of games, calculation, and value within the Nigerian context. Usually in series, her work also addresses cultural identity, social justice, game theory, and the art world within the socio-political landscape of Nigeria.

Aside from solo exibitions, Modupeola’s art and painting have been selected in group exhibitions including The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (Royal Academy, London, 2017); Afriques Capitales (Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille, 2017); Dakar Biennale (Senegal, 2016); The Art Energy (London, 2015) amongst others.



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