Meet June Syowia – Founder of Beiless Group.

23 year old June Syowia was recently featured in the 2018 Forbes 30 under 30  list and we’re super proud of her. June is a big source of inspiration for women. She’s currently running not one, but two businesses and all this while acting as a consultant to a community-based organisation which she helped start in 2013.

June Syowia, founded Beiless in 2015, a company that provides creative advertising and technology solutions for businesses. Services include online media campaigns, social media management, strategic online communication, digital advertising and content creation.

What keeps her going? In her own words, “My biggest passion is growing. I work with a team of creative thinkers. We are five of us in the company and always very enterprising. We call ourselves teammates, and set up high targets for ourselves.”


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