From building a strong online brand to helping women succeed, Emma is ready to take over the world


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Emma Tandoh is the founder of Outspoken Edge, a digital marketing and content development business that offers personalized e-marketing, social media and content marketing and web services for SMEs and women-led businesses across Africa.

Outspoken Edge helps businesses establish a formidable online brand which creates conversations about their brand that lead to sales conversions. Emma started Outspoken Edge after she failed to find social media help from top agencies to grow her customer base for a Small and Medium Scale enterprise she was running at that time.

With a soft spot for women businesses, Emma helps as many women as she can because she believes she is encouraging the next generation of women to take their destinies into their own hands. What inspires her daily and gives her utmost satisfaction is knowing that her work positively impacts other people’s businesses.

Emma’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to ‘Do it already!’ In her own words, ‘It’s important to take the leap and make the mistakes early. Don’t let the fear stop you; just jump and build your wings on the way down.’


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