What started as an entertainment blog has grown into a Public Relations firm


Allegro Dinkwanyane did not plan to become an entrepreneur or a Public relations maven. An assignment in journalism school to start a blog paved way for her media success. 

She managed the blog so well that her impressed lecturer encouraged her to keep the blog after the course was over.Now the blog which has grown into Orgella Media and employs eight people. 


Over the years, Dinkwanyane’s profile has increased as she now manage the likes of South Africa’s music sensation Donald, TV presenter Siya Mdlalose and fashion designer Paledi Segapo. She also has corporate clients like Avon South Africa, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria and Poppy’s Restaurant and employs eight people. What started as an entertainment blog and has now diversified into public relations (PR), charity and property divisions.

Her advice to young PR executives is to Stay focused, have passion for the job, work hard and network!


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