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Meet Banke Kuku, CEO- Banke Kuku Textiles.

Award winning textiles designer BankeKuku CEO- Banke Kuku Textiles fuses traditional west-African and Western-eclectic inspiration to create intricate, unique and luxurious fabrics for interiors, soft furnishings and fashion. Her

Why We Love Ciara!

We all know Ciara is a fave, but do YOU know why we are smitten by her?

See below, 4 things that makes Ciara tick.

Khotatso Carol Tshabalala was introduced to life's challenges at a very early age after being a hostage in a house robbery that was orchestrated by about 4 men

leadership for african ladies, women and ladies in africa

When one African woman is empowered, all African women are empowered.

The achievement and empowerment of every African woman inspires and motivates the rest of us.

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