Stephanie Linus Arrives In Italy To Advocate Against Human Trafficking in Partnership with Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontières)

Stephanie Linus is currently in Italy to advocate against human trafficking in partnership with Doctors without Borders. Stephanie’s work as a philanthropist is kicking off the year to raise awareness on this world issue. here is an official press release. LAGOS, NIGERIA (January 2018) In the wake of the increased rate of human trafficking being […]

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Women We Love: Stephanie Linus

Stephanie Linus is more than just a screen gem. This award-winning filmmaker is on a mission to heal the world. Her selfless service to humanity and womanhood dazes us. Here are 5 reasons why we would choose to love the UNFPA Regional Ambassador over and over. She is a strong voice for abused women in […]

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