#TakeTheLeadTuesdays Francesca Uriri On Making Boss Career Moves

On this week’s #TakeTheLeadTuesdays,  Head of Communications West Africa, at Uber, Francesca Uriri talks about making boss career moves.  So, you are currently interning in an organization, and you want to transition into a full time role, how do you make that lateral transition? You are currently in a department where your creative juices are slowly […]

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“Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say…” Corporate Tips for Effective Leadership

My new boss told me to never be afraid to give feedback. The next Monday morning in a meeting, I happily shared my viewpoint on a new policy. Thereafter, I noticed my boss’s disposition towards me changed. He stopped talking to me. I was shunned. I even felt the effects of this in my monthly […]

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