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#LLAInterview – “Being a female entrepreneur has taught me to always expect and focus on the positive.” Alexandria Alli, Creative Designer

It’s the month of fashion at LLA and we’re delighted we had the opportunity to chat with Alexandra Alli, a trailblazing fashion entrepreneur. Alexandria Alli started her brand from scratch and today, her bags are retailed in over 100 stores. She shares the secrets to her success in our interview with her. Who is Alexandria […]

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This is why Saudat Salami, CEO of Easy Shop Easy Cook, is referred to as the Mother of Nigerian E-commerce

Saudat Salami started her e-commerce business “EasyShop EasyCook, about 11 years ago when there was no one to understudy or model her business after. Today, she is referred to as the mother of Nigerian e-commerce. Although e-commerce was not popular in Nigeria at the time, Saudat said believe she could pioneer it in the country. “I would […]

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Meet Uduak Oduok, the Lawyer who Blended Two Polar Industries Perfectly!

The best words to describe Uduak would probably be “trailblazer” and “game changer”.  In her own words, she is a Certified Game Changer, Practicing Attorney, Businesswoman, Journalist, Publisher, Writer and Blogger. For the average person, that is a lot of things to be. However, Uduak Oduok is that and much more. From a young age, […]

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Adesuwa Onyenokwe launches her VLOG Series. You should watch this.

Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of TW Magazine and the moderator of Seriously Speaking, is one woman that keeps taking giant leaps in the media industry with her commitment to excellence and creating great content.   She launched her VLOG series  ‘Speaking my mind with Adesuwa’ yesterday to celebrate her 53rd birthday and the name suggests, she is […]

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