Susan Granger faced the same problem we face everyday but decided to do something about it. You won’t believe the results



Ever struggled with getting quality leather handbags without having to break the bank? You’re not alone. Susan Granger also faced the same difficulty but unlike most people, she decided to do something about it.

Susan searched in vain for quality leather handbags and when she couldn’t find what she could afford, she took a decision that changed her life forever. She started her own handbag and accessories collection the Nubian Queen on 101.

Her brand now creates stylish, affordable and timeless designs. This way she is helping other women who have been faced with these problems. Although it was initially set up as an online store, Susan is not resting on her oars as she is primed to set up retail outlets across South Africa and beyond.

Susan’s biggest joy is waking up every morning knowing that she is living her dreams. She hopes to create jobs for people as her business grows and her top advice to you is this; 

“Don’t waste time thinking about your dream or talking about it. Get up and start up – if you fail once, try again, because tomorrow is a different day.”

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