Bola Matel Okoh: Celebrating Luxury and Wellness At N Lounge and Spa!


Bola Matel-Okoh is an award-winning attorney and executive leader admitted to both the New York State Bar and the Nigerian Bar Association with over thirty years of experience. She has been recognized as a “Super Achiever” and honored as Peak Performing Woman of the Year 2023. She is also listed among Leading Ladies Africa’s 100 Most Inspiring Women 2024 and ABCD Africa’s 100 Most Impactful Voices 2024. 

As a Non-Executive Director at Wema Bank PLC since 2015, she brings expertise in corporate governance, risk management, and strategic planning, enriched by studies at some of the world’s best institutions, including IMD Switzerland, INSEAD France, and Harvard Business School, USA. 

In 2022, she founded BMO Advisory Services, a coaching and leadership development firm focused on empowerment and executive coaching for C-suite women. She leads the Women’s Lifestyle Hub, a community of executive women dedicated to personal and professional excellence. 

Bola Matel-Okoh is also the founder of the esteemed beauty brand, N Lounge & Spa, which recently celebrated a milestone 7th anniversary with a star-studded bash at its Lekki Phase 1 location. We had a conversation with this inspiring entrepreneur to explore the power of executive networking, her remarkable journey in the beauty industry, and the secrets behind N Lounge & Spa’s enduring success.

What does networking mean to you personally, and what unique challenges and opportunities does today’s woman face where networking is concerned? 

Networking is the intentional act of building and nurturing professional relationships that can provide mutual support, opportunities, and collaboration. Today’s women face unique challenges in networking, such as balancing work and personal responsibilities, breaking into male-dominated industries, and overcoming gender biases. However, they also have opportunities, such as leveraging women-centric networking groups, mentorship programs, and digital platforms to expand their reach and visibility, like The Women’s Lifestyle Hub I founded in 2022. These platforms create a sense of community and shared experience, making every woman feel connected and supported.

The Women’s Lifestyle Hub (WLH) is a mentorship and community platform designed to offer top, vibrant female executives the opportunity to gain insights, counseling, and mentorship from other leading female Executive Coaches across various disciplines and niches through group mentorship experiences. 

These women can acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to attain personal and professional excellence, build relationships through networking, boost their careers, and strengthen their leadership capacity. 

How does a strategic network differ from a personal support network? What are the critical characteristics of each, and how do they contribute to a woman’s overall success? 

A strategic network focuses on professional advancement and includes industry leaders, mentors, and colleagues who can offer career advice, opportunities, and introductions to key contacts. Some key characteristics to note include shared professional interests, mutual benefits, and a focus on career development. 

A personal support network comprises family, friends, and close colleagues who provide emotional support, encouragement, and personal advice. This is evident in their capacity to build trust with you, be emotionally intimate, and, as a result, foster long-term personal bonds. 

Both networks are supreme in their contributions to a woman’s success as they provide a balance of professional guidance and personal support, essential for navigating the complexities of an executive career. 

Many women struggle with networking. How do you help your clients overcome the discomfort or feeling of inauthenticity often associated with networking? 

I help clients overcome discomfort by encouraging them to view networking as building genuine relationships rather than a transactional interactions. I help them understand that the focus should be on identifying shared interests and values with potential contacts. I also provide strategies for starting conversations, active listening, and finding common ground. Practicing these skills in low-pressure environments will surely build the confidence and authenticity needed for high-pressure environments.

What are the common misconceptions about building a strategic network? What do you wish more women knew about the process? 

Some common misconceptions I have experienced over time include the belief that networking is purely self-serving, requires a large number of contacts, or should yield immediate results. In all sincerity, I wish more women understood that effective networking is about quality over quantity, mutual benefit, and long-term relationship building. Those three key factors are principles of building a strategic network.
Another consideration is that strategic networking requires patience and consistency, as a network’s value often reveals itself over time. 

As a coach and mental health awareness advocate, can you talk us through the inspiration behind your other business, N Lounge & Spa:

I created N Lounge & Spa 7 years ago, inspired by my passion for holistic well-being, personal grooming and mental health advocacy.  Through coaching, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of relaxation and self-care in enhancing mental resilience, overall happiness and high productivity. 

N Lounge & Spa is a sanctuary where individuals, particularly women, can unwind, recharge, and prioritize their mental and physical health in a serene environment.

You celebrated N Lounge & Spa’s 7th Anniversary over the weekend. What were some activities planned for the celebration? What are some of the highlights that guests enjoyed?

Our 7th-anniversary celebration at N Lounge & Spa was designed to be a memorable experience for our guests.

As we often say at N Lounge and Spa, excellence is a way of life. We celebrated with a special anniversary bash with food, music, games, and gifts for our guests. To thank our customers and guests, we launched two vouchers the Blissful Basics and Pamper Perfection discount vouchers where clients can design their ultimate pampering package. They can create their personalized salon and spa experience with a combination of our most sought-after services. These vouchers are available and valid for the next 60 days at , we look forward to spoiling the Leading Lady reading this, and their friends! 

Networking was a key aspect of N Lounge and Spa’s 7th anniversary. How would you say guests benefited from the network opportunities at the anniversary bash?

At N Lounge & Spa, we believe that true beauty extends beyond the surface. It’s about nurturing connections, fostering growth, and empowering women to thrive both personally and professionally. Networking is a fundamental part of that philosophy, and our 7th-anniversary celebration was designed to create a vibrant space where meaningful connections could flourish.

Witnessing the organic exchange of knowledge, experience, and inspiration among such a diverse group of women was inspiring. We’re already hearing about exciting collaborations and new ventures that are taking shape due to the connections made.

We also partnered with “Market Doctor” to offer complimentary medical services to our guests, further underscoring our commitment to holistic well-being. 

The energy and enthusiasm at our anniversary celebration were palpable, and we’re honored to have played a small role in facilitating these connections and look forward to continuing to build a supportive community for women to thrive.

Looking forward, how do you see N Lounge & Spa evolving after celebrating this anniversary?

I envision N Lounge & Spa continuing to evolve as a hub for holistic well-being, mental health awareness, and executive grooming for women. 

We plan to expand our range of services by introducing innovative therapies and wellness programs that cater to diverse needs. 

We aim to remain at the forefront of promoting mental wellness, mindfulness, relaxation, and self-care, offering a nurturing environment where women can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Could you share practical advice on initiating and nurturing connections with senior leaders or industry influencers? 

To efficiently nail the art of initiating connections, do some thorough research to find common interests or mutual contacts so that you come across as more personal and relevant when you approach someone.

Secondly, be clear about your intentions and what you can offer in return. 

Thirdly, once you are connected, nurture these connections by staying in touch, offering help where needed, making them feel genuinely valued, and making them aware of your value too. Regular follow-ups and engaging in professional events or discussions where they are active can also strengthen the relationship. 

 Appreciate! Appreciate!! Appreciate!!! Maximize every opportunity to express how much the relationship means to you.

What is your ultimate advice for women who want to cultivate a strong and supportive network that propels them forward in their executive journey? 

Be intentional, authentic, and consistent in networking. Focus on building mutually beneficial relationships, stay open to learning and giving, and regularly nurture your connections. Most importantly, believe in the value you bring to the table and approach networking with confidence and purpose. 


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