Anike Lawal is solving the problems of mothers one day at a time


“I  believe I have a calling, I believe that Mamalette is an idea that found me and not me necessarily finding it .” – Anike Lawal

Wondering what Mamalette is? Well, it is a hub that provides inspiration for women from pre-pregnancy to motherhood.

The platform that caters for over 70,000 women was founded by Anike Lawal.  She left her job as a Management Consultant at KPMG Nigeria when it wasn’t giving her the fulfillment she desired and moved to Dealdey limited thinking things would work out. It didn’t so she left to start Mamalette.

Apart from inspiring mothers, Mamalette offers women on-the-go ante-natal and post-natal information. Mamalette is a home to discover and connect with information that can help shape and improve the lives of mothers and their children.

Offline, Mamalette organizes expos where mothers can meet physically, network and have a little fun. 

However, just like some other entrepreneurs, Anike has not had it easy through out the journey. She even has family members who probably think “what’s she doing?’’and there are others who keep asking when she’s going to get a real job.

However, all these have not been able to discourage her from pursuing her dream. According to her, her dream is for Mamalette to become the go-to place for every single woman once she becomes a mother. 

Her advice to young women is this; ” Find something you are passionate about and put all your energy into it.”

We think it’s a great idea.

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