Wacy Zacarias gives a platform to African artists to tell their stories through textiles


What started as a final project for her masters degree ended up in a resolve to create African textile designs sourced and produced in Africa.

Wacy didn’t like that white people didn’t value African culture, talent and beliefs and all they cared about was the money our fabric could bring.

According to her, the African Print Textile Industry, meaning Capulana, Ankara, Shweshe, Kanga, is worth more than $5 billion, yet only about 15% of the revenue actually stays on the continent. Wacy therefore wanted to create something that would not only produce African textile but will be created by Africans in Africa and sold to the rest of the world. That was when Karingana Wa Karingana Textiles was born.

The company designs custom prints, develop artisanal textiles, create surface design and print textiles.

Karingana Wa Karingana’s designs have an authentic African aesthetic and every time they make fabrics, they challenge the status quo by creating fresh designs.

Her advice to young female entrepreneurs is this; “Dare to dream and start your business, you are absolutely capable. We need your vision, we need your dreams, please bring them to life. Africa needs you, the world needs you. Let us women be the unapologetic leaders of African growth.



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