A neighbour’s complaint inspired Victoria Mamza to start a successful business


Before we tell Victoria’s story, we to remind you that in order to be successful, you have to be open minded. The million dollar idea you have been looking for can come in the strangest form.

So let’s get back to today’s story.

Victoria was in her kitchen when she heard her neighbour, who is a banker, complaining about how hard it was to go to the market after office hours. Right there, it dawned on Victoria that there was a market for people who, because of their busy schedules, had no time to go to the market to buy food items.

This ‘little’ complaint led to the birth of Wangarau foods, a company that packages and delivers hygienic, quality and affordable food items at everybody’s door steps.


Since inception, Wangarau Foods’ business model has continued to evolve. Not only do they create consumable food items, the company also cooks to the specification of customers, and brands food items for events.

Victoria hopes to expand her business by setting up a factory soon. We couldn’t be more proud.

If there is one thing you should take out of this story, it is that no idea is too crazy to be dismissed.


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