“The tools of your future lay in your hands.” – Entrepreneur advice from Mariana Agness Francisco Eria

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“The tools of your future lay in your hands, grab the wheel and start the engine. You might not know how to get there, you may not have all the answers and that is okay. The mistakes along the way are going to be the bricks to build the foundation of your business. People will doubt you, and sometimes you will doubt yourself but it will all be worthwhile in the ‘never-ending’ end. Entrepreneurship is like a destination that unlocks a new and more exciting journey.”

Mariana Agness Francisco Eria is the founder and CEO The House of Agnessa floral design company inspired by modern, minimalistic aesthetics but with a classic touch. Their products and services include deliveries of signature boxes, bouquets and gift boxes and onsite floral services. The company which started with just her now employs five people.

Culled from LionessofAfrica


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