“The most important thing you can give a child is Education” Zeinab Badawi on Using African history as a tool for Change.

In December of 2017, Sudanese-British television and radio journalist- Zeinab Badawi gave a TED X speech- Using African history as a tool for change. She highlighted various themes in her speech including the power of education and history stressing, how crucial it is to understand oneself and one’s history to move forward with pride.  The lessons we have gleaned from the speech are summarised in three key points below.

  1. History helps you reinvent yourself, it helps you assert yourself on the social, economic and political agenda today.
  2. There is a difference between being an ‘Africanist’ and an African historian.
  3. African history is part of the global narrative. Reconstructing African history from an African perspective is very key.

See video for more lessons.


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