This is why we love Omolara Tayo Sobajo

When you notice a problem, what do you do? Complain all day long or do something about it? Omolara lives in the UK and was dissatisfied with the kind of make up products available to women of color. So instead of complaining about it, she decided to work on it. Omolara merged her knowledge in […]

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#LLAInterview – “If anyone, male or female will do the needful, build according to plan, focus and be diligent, they will succeed.” Oluwafeyisayo Ogundipe

It is easy to throw in the towel and shut down your business, given the economic terrain in Nigeria, but ‘Feyzo’ as she is fondly called wasn’t born a quitter and has chosen to keep pushing her brand, Fedora Organics. Feyisayo’s story will inspire every entrepreneur who has been thinking of quitting to hold on, […]

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Blondie Okpuzor makes bath time super yummy with her beauty products

Blondie Okpuzor was getting allergic to almost everything food, body products and even water so she started making her body butters and hair conditioners. After taking a class on soap making she fell in love with the process and decided to make soaps but with a little ‘Blondie’ effect. Blondie loves deserts, sweets and chocolates […]

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