#10Questions With The Lady Boss, Omoye Abulimen – “Growth Is A Process And It’s Stage By Stage, To Be Efficient You Cannot Rush Or Short Cut The Process”.

Our Ladyboss this week is uber inspiring! Omoye Abulimen quit an air conditioned office to sit under a tree and under the hot sun to start making shoes. It reads sensational but that is Omoye story.  Omoye started her business alone but today she has over 2000 clientele. How did she deal with the naysayers […]

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#10Questions With The Lady Boss, Toyin Onigbanjo – “The Field Of Business Is Not An Easy One, Nobody Will Do Your Work For You. You Have To Get Up And Grind, No Matter The Challenges”.

This week on the Lady Boss series with LLA, we chat with Toyin Onigbanjo, Child Nutrition advocate, Author- AugustSecrets Meal Plan book and founder of AugustSecrets Nigeria, a growing food company manufacturing nutritious, innovative meals for babies and toddlers from African staples. In this interview, she discusses among other things the importance of resilience and […]

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10 questions with the #LadyBoss – “Wear your smile and confidence before you wear your perfume” Victoria Nkong

Victoria Nkong puts the E in efficiency. Her multiple strengths as a Talent Manager, Events Producer and Mother, amidst others, dazzle us. Enjoy our interview with the Lady Boss. Can you briefly describe yourself and your business? My name is Victoria Remi Nkong, I am completely made in Nigeria. I am multilingual, I love adventures, […]

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