“Social media business is competitive and tasking.” – Sylvia Nwoko


Many businesses have gotten a voice just by being on instagram. Amongst those businesses is Sylvia Nwoko’s fashion brand specializing fashion designing, retailing Ankara fabrics, fashion accessories and other ready-to wear fashion items.

According to her, social media has helped her business grow in leaps and bounds. 

“The fact that I can post several pictures and my followers react to it in different ways is a good feeling.  Even without posting a single picture in 2 days, I still get comments and orders coming through .”  

Although things seem smooth Sylvia says business owners should not take social media lightly. Social media business is competitive and tasking so you’ve got to be prepared. Sylvia said. 

In her own words, “The best thing that can happen to any business is having a growing fan base that trusts you.”



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