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When ONE woman is empowered, ALL women are empowered.
The achievement of every woman inspires
and motivates the rest of us

Leading Ladies Africa at a Glance

Launched in 2011, Leading Ladies Africa, is an organization that is passionate about women. We are at the forefront of ensuring African women achieve their set goals and dreams in life. We are a non-discriminatory, irreligious, non-tribal organization and all we are primarily concerned with, is the well rounded development of women.

Yes indeed! We want women to thrive, excel and succeed!

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We celebrate the lives, passion, purpose and achievements of African women. Why? Because by doing so, we are encouraging the next wave of incredible, competent and inspiring women.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip, train, inspire and educate African women on how they can live better, more wholesome, fulfilled lives.  We want to see women succeed.


The Leading Ladies Africa team is a collective of committed, professional and passionate individuals who tirelessly pushing the agenda of equipping and empowering women.

Our Vision is predicated upon three pillars:



Every woman on this earth is called to do something, called to be someone, and called to make a difference. We are here to help women in Africa, find their purpose and collective voice, and achieve their dreams and goals. At Leading Ladies Africa, we are raising Women of Purpose.



We understand that passion is what fuels the vision. It is what makes a woman ambitious, it was pushes her to thirst for success and excellence. It what drives her to surmount difficulties and keep moving. At Leading Ladies Africa we absolutely believe that there is a place called forward



Every woman is a miracle in motion, imbued with unimaginable and indestructible power. When African women especially stop operating from a viewpoint of helplessness, when they realize just how powerful they potentially are, then the possibilities are limitless.


Adekanbi Etaghena
“Thank you for such a brilliant event. The power of your events is so strong, it is almost overwhelming, in a very positive way, of course, and it has given me a lot to think about.
Pella Okoye
Yesterday was such a gift of great information, new contacts, exceptionally energized business women, and of course, new and exciting ideas! Thank you for reaching out to me and encouraging me to take the time to come and learn.
Helen Adenaike
“I thought last week was awesome and I am already putting some of the ideas into practice and determined to be in the 20%. Thank you for an amazing event and opening my eyes to how important Leading Ladies Africa is to me. ”