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About Leading Ladies Africa

Launched in 2011, Leading Ladies Africa, is an organization that is passionate about women. We are at the forefront of ensuring African women achieve their set goals and dreams in life. We are a non-discriminatory, irreligious, non-tribal organization and all we are primarily concerned with, is the well rounded development of women. Yes indeed! We want women to thrive, excel and succeed!

The African Woman...

From the beginning of time, African women have pushed the envelope; being at the forefront of change and innovation. They have challenged the status, created value, and become life-long sources of inspiration and influence. To put it simply, from  the days of warrior Queens like Amina of Zazzau, Ann Nzinga of Angola, and Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana, and even to those of African descent like Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parkes, African women have been making things happen.

At Leading Ladies Africa we are all about African women making things happen. We are all about encouraging women to fulfil their goals, to achieve their dreams and to live their lives passionately.

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Why We Exist?

Our Mission

To equip, train, inspire and educate African women on how they can live better, more wholesome, fulfilled lives. We want to see women succeed.

Our Vision

We celebrate the lives, passion, purpose and achievements of African women. Why? Because by doing so, we are encouraging the next wave of incredible, competent and inspiring women.

Our Team

The Leading Ladies Africa team is a collective of committed, professional and passionate individuals who tirelessly pushing the agenda of equipping and empowering women.

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