Sekeleni Nandipha Balances Medicine and Fashion Perfectly.


Sekeleni’s profession as a doctor could easily have confined her and her hopes of ever becoming a fashion icon. After all, doctors have a particular way they must dress and if she spends so much time in the hospital she may not have extra time for anything else. Right?

Despite being a doctor, this wife, mom, and photographer; she is also doing amazing things with fashion. With followers of over fifty three thousand people on Instagram, because of her consistent style posts, you can safely say that she is a fashion influencer.


Nandipha, who has her eyes set on becoming a surgeon, says she’s always loved fashion, but had to scale down on the razzmatazz because of her profession.

She exudes confidence, class, opulence and all things beautiful. Beyond this, we love that she did not allow her herself to be put in a box. She balances medicine and fashion in an amazing way!


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