Samah Al-Gadi, Kayli Levitan, Haneefa Adam makes Celebrating Progress Africa (CPAFRICA)List of Young Female Entrepreneurs Making it in Africa.

CP Africa is an online community where Africans share and discuss progressive/inspiring African content with a global community! Founded by Nmachi Jidenma, Celebrating Progress Africa (CPAfrica) chronicles Africa’s progress by highlighting some of the change makers, policy makers and socio-economic reformist pushing the boundaries and shaping the future of Africa in all spheres

It recently put up a list of 10 young vibrant female entrepreneurs doing incredible things in the continent of Africa despite the harsh economic clime and policies. See below some women that made the list.

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32-year-old Sudanese entrepreneur-
Samah al-Gadi won the first season of the popular Sudanese entrepreneurial TV show “Mashrouy.”
Having studied social development and agriculture, she proposed an environmentally friendly project to help communities living along the riverbanks of the Nile.
Her project not only earned her first place in the show, but also inspired a lot of female Sudanese.
Her project is currently being implemented in the Nile community of Kosti in Khartoum.


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South African copywriter, blogger and co-founder of the successful philanthropic initiative, “The Street Store”- Kayli Vee Levitan also made the list. Kayli alongside Max Pazax founded The Street Store. Their mission was to create an affordable alternative pop-up clothing store for the homeless.
The initiative is stocked by donations, and is now an open-source initiative that allows other philanthropists from South Africa and abroad to host their own pop-up store in collaboration with a charity of their choice. Over 200 pop-up stores have been set up globally, and over 200 000 homeless people have been assisted with clothing. She has also worked on other philanthropic projects, including work with Dementia SA and the Women’s Hope.


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Twenty four year-old Nigerian medical scientist, Haneefah Adam, is redefining the conventional barbie doll for Africans. Understanding that representation matters and that more African Muslim girls need to see images of them represented in every sphere especially in areas that mainstream media amplifies, she decided to solve a problem. Haneefa gave the popular Barbie doll a makeover and because of her innovation, there is a fleet of barbie dolls renamed “Hijarbie” dressed in attires that are culturally relevant not just to her but to the entire African Muslim community.
Haneefa through this ground breaking innovation hopes that Hijarbie will change the negative stereotype of the hijab as oppressive clothing for Muslim women, into a positive affirmation of female Muslim identity and culture.

To see the full list, click here


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