#RunningInHeels: “you are only as good as your staff, hire smart people. 7 things we learnt from Viola Ogbunude’s Lady Boss Interview.

For Viola Ogbunude, entrepreneurship has just one language: SMART. From what started as a response to a post-childbirth experience, she has built up a successful skincare care brand to foster a healthy lifestyle among women.


Body Organics has grown to be the one stop shop for retail products that help you maintain a healthy and clear skin. here are 7 other things we learnt from Viola in her Lady Boss Interview.

  • Ideas are a dime a dozen, execution is what makes a ”successful” business.
  • Sometimes looking at your competition can be a distraction. It can stifle your creativity and originality.


  • Be interested in others, you might learn a thing or two.
  • Read! Reading is to the mind like what exercise is to the body.
  • Get up, dress up and Show up. No matter what happens, the job needs to be done.
  • As an entrepreneur, challenges have no gender. If you run a business, you must be prepared to solve problems. However, in a male dominated business, female counterparts will likely work a little harder to prove themselves in that industry.
  • Resilience and Persistence will take you far. Doing business in Nigeria requires working SMART. It requires finding innovative ways to solve the many problems small/medium scale businesses face in Nigeria.


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