Quote of the day: “There is no perfect time to start. Just do it.” Kendi Sapepa


“There is no perfect time to start. Just do it. Don’t wait for anything, just get the ball rolling.” – Kendi Sapepa

We absolutely love this quote from Kendi and believe she exemplifies her words so powerfully. She started her company from making clothes for herself and when the compliments kept rolling in she started her business. 

Now, she is the founder of Barbara McKenzie in South Africa, a Johannesburg-based clothing brand that provides classic-inspired yet modern and fashion-forward clothing for stylish and fashionable women, through offering: consulting for bespoke orders, seasonal ready-to-wear collections, and styling service. Established in 2013, Barbara McKenzie has been catering for all women of all ages, races, shapes and sizes, all over the country.


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