From preparing a meal for her friend to starting her catering business this is Adetutu Adekunle’s story





Adetutu was only entertaining her friend when she served her a meal of steamed white rice, efo-riro (a spinach based Yoruba delicacy) beef stew and dodo. Little did she know that it would be the beginning of a highly successful catering business. 

The following morning, she received a call from that same friend requesting for a plate of food because her cousin wasn’t doing too well. Confused, Adetutu agreed to deliver the food without requesting for money. This led to many other food orders. 

Today, Adetutu is the CEO of Bibi’s Cottage Catering Company providing catering services for social and corporate events, schools and bulk orders for home use. Under the company, Bibi’s GrillHouse was born and the company offers delicious and healthy grilled and peppered treats. 

Since she started her business people looked down on her but she was not bothered. In her own words;

People would tell me to tell my manager to increase the size of the meat in a most disrespectful manner. “Tell your madam to stop serving small stew or we will stop ordering from you o,” someone shouted at me one day. I said, “Yes, noted ma” and took the feedback.”

We admire her confidence!


Now they have a store in  the Maryland Mall, Maryland, Lagos and have  also introduced a new line of business that is called Ready Grills. 

Go Adetutu! Keep shattering those ceilings. 


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