Patricia Kihoro is using her creative skills to form a new narrative


Patricia Kihoro is a multi talented singer, actress, radio personality and photographer. Since becoming a finalist at Tusker Project Fame 3 (TPF) in 2009, Patricia’s rise to fame has been steady.

First, she produced her own musical stage show Life in the Single Lane, a narrative involving interactive storytelling, acting and singing. She also took part in MNET’s production Changes, Sauti, Rush TV pilots and the 1st & 2nd season of Groove Theory (Africa’s first ever musical TV series).

When she is not on set, Patricia is showcasing urban and contemporary music from across Africa or hosting creatives making waves on the continent  with her radio show Afrocentral.


She sure takes pride in what she does.  In her own words “My greatest joy is when I receive feedback from delighted listeners who call in asking more about the music or the artist.”

We love that she is one of the mentors at Blaze. Blaze is a recently launched platform that empowers youths to be in control of their careers and future while helping them succeed in their specific chosen fields.


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