Nothing spells W-O-M-A-N like TY Bello’s photography


If you’re a great fan of Ty Bello, then you know by now that her camera is famous for its art of making Queens out of women.


While modern day photography emphasizes artistic beauty and dolled-up perfection, Ty Bello gives women the most genuinely beautiful and endearing personalities through her art.


Her art tells strength, passion and purposefulness of a woman. It tells everything special about womanhood.


It isn’t just the camera we love, we can’t help but greatly admire the woman behind it. Ty Bello is known as a passionate voice for positive change and self-development amongst Nigerian youths, especially women.


She is a fine blend of hard-work, patriotism and Godliness. When she is not celebrating women through her photography, then she is doing so through her music. Some of her timeless songs include ‘Ekundayo’ and ‘the Future’.


Ty Bello is our woman Crush every day!


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