Misan Riwane is connecting Nigerian graduates to jobs


Alarmed at the difference between the educational opportunities abroad and what Nigerian graduates are given Misan Riwane a graduate of Harvard Business School decided to start WAVE West Africa Vocational Education.

WAVE is a vocational education program that connects its graduates with entry level jobs with six to eight weeks of completing the program.

Wondering why she made this decision? Misan always had an issue with the Nigerian education sector’s lack of training graduates on the skills needed to function in their required job so it was no doubt that WAVE started bridging the gap between unemployed African youth and stable jobs in the fastest-growing industries, including the hospitality and retail sectors.

WAVE trains young adults in time-keeping, conflict resolution, management and team communication through lessons and role-playing before a two-week placement with businesses it uses as partners. In some cases this leads to a job.

By 2019, WAVE aims to train 25,000 youth annually in marketable skills to reach their true potential and supported them in stable jobs.


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