Meet Dorcas Tshuma, Programme director for Triumphant Hand of Mercy Initiative (THOMI Africa).


There’s so much evil in the world but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone doing the right thing. Doracs Tshuma is a member of the Triumphant Hand of Mercy Initiative (THOMI Africa).

The organization empowers hitherto helpless or homeless women and girls by giving them skills and instilling the necessary confidence necessary get a job and live a good life with their children.

Apart from fighting for women and girls , THOMI Africa campaigns against the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and form of substances. They also raise awareness  on breast cancer, TB, HIV & AIDS,  care and counsel the family of the infected.

As program director, Doracs is in charge of overseeing the administration of policies and programs;she communicates with  all project/program partners at all levels, and ensures that the organisation strategy is developed across all areas.

We love seeing women taking on leadership positions and this is no exception. Keep up the great work Dorcas. 


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