Meet Abena Ofusua, the Chemical Engineer turned Bridal Consultant


Abena, like many of us, dreamed of starting her own business, but working from 7 am to 6 pm as a chemical engineer didn’t look like her dream. It wasn’t long before she realized that there was a desperate need for change.

Instead of ending her career abruptly, Abena planned her smooth transition from paid employment to entrepreneurship for a year. During that one year period, she saved and started her bridal business on a small scale to ensure that everything would go well when she eventually resigned. Talk about wisdom. 

Abena also started working on herself and her skills to get ready for entrepreneurship. She worked with a startup company at that time so she learnt as much as she could as the company grew.

After resigning, Abena started Akatasia Brides, a bridal consultancy business that offers makeup services and sells bespoke gowns to brides while providing all the expert advice they would need on wardrobe ideas for their big day in full force.

Now, Akatasia brides is one of the leading Bridal consultancy firms in Ghana. 

Her advice to anyone planning to move from paid employment to entrepreneurship is to plan. According to her, “If you can put out some sort of plan on paper; then, you can draft a business plan from that.




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