Kagure Wamunyu is giving us major career goals


For those people who think research projects are not so important, Kagure’s story would make you think again.

She got her job with Uber Kenya from Linkedin because of a research project she was carrying out in transportation planning. Now, Kagure is the logistics and planning manager at Uber Kenya.

She believes that there are many more opportunities in the tech world, if only people would stop seeing technology as being about coding and programming alone.

One of Kaagure’s major achievements includes being part of the team that initiated and solidified the partnership with Sidian Bank for USD$100 million in financing for the drivers within Uber. Kagure believes that this loan will help Uber drivers in Kenya.

Apart from the partnership, Kagure, actively supports women in transportation and even organized a luncheon for women drivers in Uber recently. 

Kagure’s advice to young people is, “Be good at what you do now, be good at what you have chosen. Be it communications, urban planning, legal studies or engineering. Should you decide you want to be part of the technology sector, know that these companies need all these different functions to work. So if you have perfected your niche, whatever field it may be in, you will be able to find opportunities in the tech world.”



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