“God is powerful but He is not a micro manager.” 7 powerful quotes from Ndidi Nwuneli’s latest TED Talk

Ndidi Nwuneli is a woman that we know, love and admire at LLA. She’s the Founder of LEAP Africa, a Director at Sahel Capital Partners, and the co-Founder of AACE Foods, an agro-processing company. Her TED Talk Rage for Change is one that resonates with those who want to make a difference.

She’s back with another equally impressive and hugely important TED Talk tagged: “The Role of Faith and Belief in Modern Africa.”  In it, she highlights the responsibility faith based institutions have in driving the much needed socio-economic change in Africa.

Here are 6 quotable moments from the impressive and powerful 13-minute talk:

  • “My Faith has shaped my work as a social entrepreneur attempting to solve some of Africa’s most pressing issues in the last 17 years..”
  • “God sent us here as change agents, light of the world, salt of the earth… and we are failing…”
  • “Both Christianity and Islam underscore the tenets Social Impact has on our faith”
  • “Faith-based organizations have a critical role to play in driving social impact in Africa”
  • “I believe that God is all powerful, but He is not a micromanager”
  • “We need to leverage our assets and resources for social impact.”
  • Africa needs more young people to challenge its status quo, even in the faith community…”

You can watch the entire TED talk video here.


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