“It’s in God that I know I am unconditionally loved, accepted and beautiful.” – TY Bello shares her beautiful life journey on the King Women Series


Photo: Qluemagazine

TY Bello’s ‘King Women’ feature is what we call the moment of a lifetime. The renowned photographer poured out her heart on matters ranging from her early self-hate to eventually promoting self-love in women. We share our top 5 quotes from the magic moments.

On transforming others

I love transformation. I love to watch someone go from nothing and become something. I love that I can see something that’s nothing, and can make it look like all that and a bag of chips. That has always appealed to me because that’s the story of my life

On accepting her voice

I never liked my voice. I never felt people wanted to listen to my kind of sound. It’s taken me years of singing to accept that I am a singer. I’m learning to realize that what God thinks about my voice is more important than what anybody else thinks. If I can find that place of freedom, then that acceptance that I’ve been trying to get, I won’t even need to look for it.

On her love for God

It’s in God that I know I am unconditionally loved. I am accepted and beautiful. I am powerful. I am all these things, and it never changes. Everything I have is guided from my posture in the spirit.

On the inspiration for her photography

I think what makes me a good portrait photographer is that I really see people. The moment I know I’m photographing someone, I already see them in their most beautiful state. Before I make the image, I already know the image and I aspire to that. Sometimes, it’s just an impression in my heart about who they are.

On creativity

I want to continue creating. I want to be 90 years and still creating. I think the night mare would be to stop creating. I want to be able to make music till the day that I die.

Watch the interview here: https://youtu.be/NSq4QqDCHBM



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