Ginika Okafor is making footwear that is bursting with colours

ginika-okafor (1)

We have seen a number of footwear companies from around Africa and beyond, each having its distinct traits. Yili is Ginika’s footwear company and their special effect is the burst of colours. There are two major reasons for this.

yili footwear

The first is that Ginika loves colours and as a result, she infuses a lot of it into her everyday outfit. Hence she created a brand that infuses colours beautifully into its aesthetics.

yili footwear

She also noticed that colours have positive effects on moods and what’s better than having a sandal that can just make you smile or feel better just by looking at it?

yili footwear

Yili has done well but Ginika hopes to expand by opening a local manufacturing plant, having her own standalone stores in in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano as well as in three African countries. She also hopes to partner with various independent retailers to stock Yili products.  All these she believes will increase the brand’s presence in the footwear industry.



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