Fentse Mokale is increasing the confidence of women with her brand


Creativity in its fullness will allow you to own yourself and embrace your own story. It will marvel at your courage as you put pen to paper, thread to needle, and art to whatever else you touch.”

It is not news that for a while, the world has been celebrating contemporary African brands and designs. It was as a result of this that Fentse Mokale, CEO Marabou Essentials, tapped into this trend and started creating distinct fashion accessories for the African market.

According to Fentse, she believes that beyond making accessories, her company is creating wearable art.

Marabou Essentials’ accessories are inspired by the African aesthetic, the prominence of color and distinctiveness of bold prints. The fashion brand focuses on daring colors, bold prints and intricate patterns.

Fentse, the engineer turned designer wanted to express her creativity in a different way and make a mark in life using art and design. Now she runs the online store to achieve that.

Above all, she is proud that her brand has helped to increase the confidence of her customers and helped them express their individual style by creating bespoke accessories

Well done Fentse!




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