”Even if fundings are not there, just believe in your goal.” Dannielle Bahi


Dannielle Bahi is an entrepreneur and a licensed aesthetician makeup artist from Cote d’Ivoire. She is the icon behind the name Bahi Cosmetics, a company responsible for making all-natural beauty products, soaps and lashes. Her soaps are made of the finest of ingredients like olive, sunflower, almond and hazelnut oils, her lashes are a combination of cruelty-fee, silky synthetic blend.

The desire to see a black woman placed in more than a single category by beauty brands inspired her to start her company.


Her advice for women who want to start their own beauty business goes thus: “You should always believe in yourself and NEVER give up—things get easier, eventually. Even if fundings are not there, just believe in your goal. I didn’t have funding actually. I just believed in my business and just projected my beliefs onto people. I sold the products before I could even create them. I believed in my products so much that I sold the idea of [an all-natural] product long before it existed. And, it worked.”



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