Don’t let fear hold you back from truly living. 7 other things we learnt from KalineAkinkugbe’s LLA interview

Kaline is a singer-songwriter/pianist and film composer. she also refers to herself as a music entrepreneur.

Kaline owns the blog which is an online resource for local and diasporan artists who are trying to navigate the Nigerian Music industry. the blog features articles, podcasts, videos, and interviews to help any musician in this part of the world better survive as an artist.

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In Kaline’s LLA interview, she took us on the journey to how her music started she also taught us to not let anything stop us from truly living. That’s not all, and here are 7 other things we learnt from Kaline Akinkugbe’s LLA interview.

  • We are all entitled to create whatever we want to create for whatever reason even when that reason might be to make more money.
  • Fearlessness helps you to eventually appreciate and embrace who you really are.


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  • Just as there is a place for all forms of music, there is a place for all kinds of people.
  • It may be hard to transition into what truly makes you happy, but authenticity is always important.
  • In the end, the milestones certainly outweigh the challenges.
  • Preparedness is key. As they help you see setbacks as stepping stones.
  • Talent may choose you, but if you don’t choose to make it a career, it would just end up as a hobby.

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