Celebrating Betty Irabor at 60: 10 Inspiring Quotes from the Genevieve Gem


She’s stunning, graceful, and beautiful-hearted and she turned 60 over the weekend. Today, we draw 10 super-mazing quotes from the woman extraordinaire, Betty Irabor.

On Employee Relationships

“Be mindful how you treat your staff, because if you treat them shabbily, they would not put their best” – onobello.com



On Ageing

“Anti-ageing should begin with de-clogging the body and the mind from years o f grime instead of covering it up with creams and makeup. Some of the bad choices we make in life can age us faster than calendar years” – maternitytest.com

On the Genevieve Pink Ball

“When you save the life of one woman, you save a generation who would otherwise be without a mother” – encomium.ng


On Change

“Change begins with how we as women see, treat and fight for other women. Change truly begins when we do” – dailytimes.ng

On Success

“Appreciating the moments with enthusiasm and a “can do” spirit separates the achievers from the rest” – whootafrica.com


On Achievements

“Don’t dwell too much on what you haven’t achieved, rather focus on how to achieve it. It’s never too late to start again even after starting again” – Instagram motivation

On Changing Lives

“I love what I am doing especially as it is impacting people.  Genevieve changed my way of thinking from “what if I fail?” to “what if I succeed?” – citypulse.com


On Women and Marriage

“No woman should be anybody’s fool. But if you say should a woman stoop to conquer, then why not” – nigerianbestforum.com

On Celebrity Marriages

“Celebrity couples should stop living their lives on twitter and Instagram; it’s ok in the real world for couples to disagree” – twitter motivation


On Beauty

“Personally, I don’t think any woman is ugly. Beauty is as much in character as it is in the physical” – genevieveng.com


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