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LLA 10 Questions with the #LadyBoss Ese Odiete-Ehikhumeleo – “I have always been intrigued by the fashion business.”

Hesey Designs was born out of a vision to improve the Nigerian economy and empower people. In two years, this vision has turned into a successful fashion brand. Creative Director, Esesoghene, tells us the key factors responsible for the success of her fashion business. Can you briefly describe yourself and your business? My name is […]

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#FaithSeries – Why There’s Really Nothing To Fear

The air is crisp. The house is quiet, but for the sound of the running tap and clicking of plates and pans here in the kitchen. Mr. Steady walks up quietly behind me as I put away the last plate and I watch as his eyes begin to roam the room slow, “who would have […]

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Ever met someone who loves to take vegetables out of their comfort zone? Allow us to introduce the Kitchen Butterfly

  Who would have believed that before Ozoz was 9, she hated food? Sounds pretty strange right? Everything changed when she attended the summer festival in Edinburgh with her family and she had a meal of burger and Mirinda which sparked a new love for food.  “For the first time I ate and was so full that my stomach […]

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ICYMI: Ms. Rimini Haraya Makama is Microsoft Nigeria’s new company’s Corporate Affairs Director

Microsoft Nigeria has announced Ms. Rimini Haraya Makama as the company’s Corporate Affairs Director. Before her appointment, Makama was formerly the Communications Director, Africa Practice and her achievements speak volumes. She successfully introduced some of the largest international institutions in EMEA into the Nigerian market whilst simultaneously helping to strategically position them as key players in […]

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