Can We Get Enough of Chimamanda’s Success Trails?


Photo: WhatsonAfrica

Certainly not. Shortly after her election into the American Academy of Arts and Letters earlier this year, she has just gotten elected into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Chimamanda was one of the 228 newly elected members of the Academy. She was also listed as a Foreign Honorary member, amongst 39 others from 19 Countries.

It gets better! Her award-winning novel ‘Purple Hibiscus’ has been voted as the 2017 One Maryland One Book in Maryland, United States. This year marks Maryland’s 10th year of its Reading program, which is aimed at bring together members of the state to have a common experience through an annual reading platform.

This comes some weeks after her 2013 novel ‘Americannah’ made history as the winner of the first One Book, One New York Program.

Chimamanda is certainly our definition of I-N-S-P-I-R-I-N-G! Keep it coming girl!


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