#BlackGirlMagic: Maida Waziri is the most known Female entrepreneur in the construction industry in Tanzania

Maida Waziri is the chief executive officer and managing director for Ibra Contractors Limited. She is the most known woman entrepreneur in Tanzania’s construction industry, having grown her business in a span of about 20 years from simple house renovations to putting up a multi-million dollar project for the public and private sector.

maida waziri

Maida Waziri was named East Africa Entrepreneur of the Year in East Africa (2017), thanks to her investment in new technology in building roads and houses. She introduced a new technology that has greatly simplified the building of roads and houses. Maida Waziri is herself the national co-ordinator for Claycrete Tanzania Limited in the release of the road construction product in Tanzania.


Claycrete is used in road construction to stabilise clay-bearing gravels. The innovative product was invented in Australia and has been used internationally in road construction for 20 years.

Maida is a hero to millions of women in Tanzania.  As the President of the highly respected Voice of Women Entrepreneurs


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