Amanda Sibiya and Charmaine Ngobeni take pride in promoting African creativity


No doubt the number of creatives in Africa are on the rise but does the world know this? Amanda and Charmaine are young entrepreneurs who have taken it upon themselves to make sure these creatives are not just visible but properly recognized throughout the world and she is doing this with her  magazine, Conté Magazine.  Conté Magazine is a magazine that creates high quality content that aims to put the continent’s creatives on the map.

Amanda and Charmaine both have backgrounds in the creative industry and have had problems getting their work recognized enough for people to buy. This challenge led to the decision to create Conté Magazine to also help artists who were struggling to place their footprints in the creative industry.


The Conté Magazine is a creative portfolio aimed at driving collaboration among artists in order to turn the arts into a force to be reckoned with. Artists, graphic designers, animators, architects, interior designers, poets, photographers are only a few of the creatives celebrated on the magazine,

Accompanied with the publishing of the magazine is an exhibition event where all the featured artists get the chance to have their work exhibited.

Amanda and Charmaine are satisfied knowing that they are working towards building their own empire and leaving a legacy for their children.




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