5 times Omoni Oboli wowed us with her glorious Fro.

If you’re looking for a reason to join the fro gang, then here’s some inspiration from the fro queen herself, Omoni Oboli. but before we get into it, let us take some minutes to crush on this beautiful photo of her in a simple short and cardigan.

omoni 7

Her 100% style game is no news, but that amazing fro is. We wonder how she is able to get her hair to look that awesome everytime, How she is able to switch it up from a red carpet updo to a casual and carefree fro that still looks incredible is just amazing.

Today we’re crushing on some of her natural hair looks and here are 5 from our unending list. feel free to pick your favorite too ;).

omoni 3 omoni 4 omoni 5


omoni 6








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