5 awesome quotes from Ighiwiyisi Jacobs’ video about makeup that were spot on

Ighiwiyisi Jacobs

What does makeup mean to you? Does it define you or is it something you use simply to enhance your beauty? After a personal experience where she developed a warped view about the use of makeup, Ighiwiyisi Jacobs shares why a woman’s identity should never be defined by makeup.

Here are 5 quotes from Ighiwiyisi’s video that were totally spot on. 

1) Every human being is a masterpiece; a piece of a Master.

2) Anything that God makes cannot be improved on. Makeup cannot make you better or worse. 

3) Beauty is not in the facial features or in the art of using makeup. It is in the complexity of humanity.

4) The people who know you, know you for who you are. They do not need you to dress a certain way or put on a certain amount of makeup. 

5) You are beautiful because God made you. That is your sole claim to beauty and that is all you need. 

Every woman is beautiful with or without makeup. Watch the video to get the full message. 



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